Whilst Autism is not a mental health condition, very high numbers of autistic people experience poor mental health across the lifespan with up to 76% reaching out for mental health services. Only 14% of autistic adults and 11% of families feel that there are enough mental health services in their area to meet their needs.

Autistic people have said mental health training which increases understanding of autism and improves responses are the things that can make the biggest difference, alongside making adjustments to the way in which services are provided.  The National Centre for Autism and Mental Health will focus on improving mental health provision for autistic people through:

  • Delivering high quality training to practitioners so they are aware and able to respond effectively to the mental health needs of autistic people
  • Building a network of trained pracitioners and therapists across the UK who are able to provide earlier responses to the mental health support needs of autistic people
  • Increasing access to family skills training for parent, carers and families of autistic children and young people, as they are often the only immediate source of support
  • Making on-line resources and courses more readily available for practitioners and families

Please visit the site at www.ncamh.co.uk and take a look at the upcoming training, events and workshops.  For enquiries you can e-mail info@ncamh.co.uk or call 07545 190915.