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BPS Approved Course – Certificate & Diploma in Autism and Mental Health

Part 1 Certificate in Autism and Mental Health
+ 11 days on-line training
(next start date end of May 2024).

Are you seeking to increase your skills and knowledge when supporting an autistic person with co-occurring mental health support needs?

This certificate and diploma in autism and mental health online training course will provide you with access to the most current research, skills, resources and evidence base when supporting autistic people with co-occurring mental health support needs.

Key features of the programme include:

    • Utilises a neuro-affirmative and neuro-informed (inside out) approach

    • An online programme

    • Complete at your own pace/time

    • Uses a wide range of learning materials/methods (videos, podcasts, resources, case studies, recordings, articles)

    • Informed by autistic voices

    • Can purchase individual modules (on demand) or

    • Certificate only or

    • Certificate and Diploma in Autism and Mental Health

    • Cert/Dip include access to weekly reflective practice sessions (during term time)

    • Access to workbooks, worksheets and resource packs for use in your own practice.


Part 1: The BPS Approved Certificate in Autism and Mental Health (11 Days Equivalent training)

What is included in the Certificate Progamme?

The Certificate includes 7 Modules providing a comprehensive introduction to Autism and Mental Health including:

    • Module 1:  Understanding Autism and Mental Health issues (2 days)

    • Module 2:  Core practitioner skills and adjustments to practice (3 days)

    • Module 3:  Sensory awareness and regulation tools (1 day)

    • Module 4: Working with Alexithymia, masking and synasthaesia (1 day)

    • Module 5:  Working with Autism and Anxiety (1 day)

    • Module 6:  Working with Autism and Depression (1 day)

    • Module 7:  Working with Autism and Demand Avoidance (1 day)


Part 2: The BPS Approved Diploma in Autism and Mental Health (Part 1 Cert + 11 day equivalent further training)

What is included in the Diploma Programme?

The Diploma includes the Part 1 Certificate programme plus an additional 7 modules/11 days equivalent Diploma training.

The Diploma provides practitioners with more advanced skills when working with autistic people with complex mental health conditions.  This course will also require 10 hours group supervision in order to achieve the Diploma (which forms part of module 14 in the course programme).

    • Module 8:  Working with Autism and OCD/Tics

    • Module 9:  Working with Autism and BPD

    • Module 10: Working with Autism and Eating Disorders

    • Module 11: Working with Autism and Suicidal and Self harming behaviours

    • Module 12: Autism and ADHD and related conditions

    • Module 13: Autism, mental health and family-based work

    • Module 14: Reflective practice and supervision


Who is this course for?

The Certificate and Diploma Courses are  open to practitioners across a number of caring, social care/health professions and may include:

    • Psychotherapists

    • Psychologists

    • Counsellors

    • Carers/Parents as Practitioners

    • Occupational Therapists

    • Speech and Language Therapists

    • Social Workers

    • Doctors

    • Nurses

    • Health Visitors

    • Allied Health Professionals

    • Teachers


Benefits of attending this training:

    • In depth understanding of Autism

    • BPS Approved Certification in Autism and Mental Health

    • Ability to recognise the signs of Mental Health issues amongst autistic people

    • Knowledge around specific mental health conditions associated with Autism

    • Ability to adjust practice

    • Specific core skills for working with Autism and Mental Health

    • Access to specific tools and strategies

    • Increased awareness around your own practice

    • Application of learning to practice

    • Access to evidence-based approaches

    • Opportunity to specialise in the Autism and Mental Health field

    • Opportunity to work as part of a practitioner’s network and receive referrals


  • Dates

    Start this course online today

Next start date is End of May 2024.

  • Investment

    £1,980 (inclusive of VAT and all course materials)

    For multiple bookings or for employer invoicing please call 07545 190915." Discounts available for multiple bookings.