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Understanding Autism and Mental Health

A two-day online training.
Module 1 in the BPS Approved Cert/Dip in Autism and Mental Health

Understanding Autism and Mental Health

Are you a practitioner supporting autistic people with co-occurring mental health conditions?

What will I learn on ‘Understanding Autism and Mental Health’?

  • Why high numbers of autistic people experience co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Understanding of the lived experiences of autistic people seeking mental health support
  • An inside out model for supporting autistic people (including the double empathy problem, monotropism, splinter skills, the spiky profile and sensory hyper and hypo-sensitivities).
  • Knowledge, awareness, and skills for supporting autistic people with co-occuring mental health conditions (with access to resources and tools).
  • The types of co-occurring mental health issues experienced by autistic people.
  • The different models disability and how this affects the way services are provided (e.g. the social model and neurodiversity).
  • The role of special interests and self-stimulatory movements and speech and how to use the supporting resource packs (SPINS and STIMS).
  • Read and reviewed current research and articles on autism and mental health.
  • Use the reflective practice worksheets to deepen your own self-awareness and application of learning into practice.

What are the benefits of completing this training?

  • Understanding Autism and Mental Health (using an inside out & neuro-affirmative approach)
  • Work towards the BPS Approved Certification in Autism and Mental Health.
  • Ability to recognise the signs of Mental Health issues amongst
    autistic people.
  • Knowledge around specific mental health conditions experienced
    by autistic people.
  • Ability to adjust practice
  • Specific core skills for supproting Autistic people who experience co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Access to supportive resources, skills and approaches.
  • Increased awareness around your own practice.
  • Application of learning into pracitce.
  • Access to latest research and evidence-based approaches

What else will I take away from this training?

  • PDF Course Handouts.
  • 12 weeks access to 12 Tutor led videos and 2 Podcasts.
  • 7 workbooks.
  • 7 Downloadable Articles.
  • 2 Spotting the Signs Tools/Skills Based Resource Packs (Total of
    10 worksheets included/2 printable visuals/2 Psychoeducation
  • Further reading/reference list.

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  • Investment

    £299 £192 (inclusive of VAT and all course materials)

    For multiple bookings or for employer invoicing please call 07545 190915." Discounts available for multiple bookings.


The STIMS and SPINS resource packs have been
great, putting a strength – based approach at
the centre of our client work has been
incredibly validating for autistic people. Thank
you for this very informative course.